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Services & Rates

I offer a convenient and competitively-priced alternative to going to the day spa, clinic or gym. Receive a session right in the comfort of your own home, office, hotel room, special event or even your RV! All complete with table, sheets, and oils or creams. Many have found me to be an exceptional alternative because of the lower price, the far superior service, and the convenience and comfort of having their own personal therapist that comes to them. I am mainly mobile but if you do prefer to stop in I also have my own private studio located on my ranch in Winchester where I also perform therapy on horses

*I offer package options so my clients can afford to have more frequent and consistent visits for optimum health benefits. 
*You can also split the cost of personal training with a friend or friends and make it a partner or group fitness session. 
In Office Services 

I am mainly mobile but I do have a private studio located in Winchester where I also take clients. No walk in services.

 In Office Prices60 Min90 Min Pkg of 2Pkg of 4
Personal Training/Exercise Therapy $50$75 $90$160
Lymphatic Drainage  $50$75 $90 $160 
 Swedish Massage$50 $75 $90$160 
Assisted Stretching$50$75 $90$160
Deep tissue /Sports/ Clinical $60$90 $110 $200 
Hot Stone/ Scrub  $60$90 $110 $200 
  Corrective Bodywork (Minimum 90 min) X$105  $200$380
Resistance Stretching $70 $105 $130  $240
 Equine Massage$80 $120 $150 $280 
 Equine Massage & Stretching $90$135 $170  $320
*A 30 min session and each additional 30 minutes is half the 60 min price.
*Pkg of 2: $5 off each session
*Pkg of 4: $10 off each session

  • $5 discount available for military, veterans and protective services.
  • $10 discounts for partners that refer me out and offer mutually discounted goods and services.  
  • $10 off mobile price if you have your own table and I don't have to set up mine. 
  • Price can be adjusted down for 2 or more clients within 30 miles.
  • I am also willing to negotiate and even barter for other goods and services with neighbors, those that are low income or just prefer an alternate form of payment.
In Home Services 

All sessions Can be performed at your home, office, hotel room or in your RV 

Travel fee may apply depending on location. learn more

 In Home Prices60 Min90 Min Pkg of 2 Pkg of 4 
Personal Training/Exercise Therapy $60 $90 $110  $200
 Lymphatic Drainage  $70 $105  $130$240 
Swedish Massage$70  $105 $130 $240 
Assisted Stretching$70 $105 $130 $240
Deep tissue /Sport/Clinical $80 $120  $150$280 
 Corrective Bodywork  (Minimum 90 min) X $135 $260 $500
Resistance Stretching  $90 $135  $170$320 
 Equine Massage$100  $150 $190 $360  
Equine Massage & Stretching $110  $160  $210$400 

Reward employees with our On-Site Corporate Wellness Massage Service

On-site massage services are an excellent investment as they can be part of an employee reward system or integrated into an existing corporate wellness program. Massage can help alleviate symptoms of carpal tunnel, stress, and lower back pain, resulting in healthier and happier employees. Our affordably priced on-site massages are typically provided in massage chairs in 15-minute sessions and are a favorite perk among employees.

Impress Your Guests with an On-Site Massage at Your Next Party or Event

For those who are planning a birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, or other event, our on-site massages are a great way to make a special occasion even more special. As part of our on-site massage services, we'll bring massage chairs or tables and one or more therapists to properly accommodate the size and duration of your event.